Enlightened Sound Moving; towards a media-independent intermedial method for intermedia art. In collaboration with FWO, Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and ChampdAction (2010-2014). Prof. Dr. Jean Paul Van Bendegem, Prof. Dr. Kathleen Coessens, Prof. Dr. Peter Swinnen.

My PhD-dissertation describes the process of an elaborated intermedial method for intermedia art. The initial question within this intermedial research is how time art can be 'translated' from one medium to another. The chosen media 'trains' and 'phosphorescence' are not only used as a source of inspiration but also as a source of parametric information for the development of intermedial relations. Common elements, developed transformations and media-related concepts related to contemporary composition, trains and phosphorescence, were elaborated in different artistic creations: compositions, graphic scores, audio fragments, texts, poems and videos.

All created artistic output (compositions, graphic scores, videos, images, poems and texts) can be found on the web page https://p-trains-astrinphosphora.be/. This thesis is about the research (PhD) in the arts entitled "P - TRAINS (Astrin Phosphora)".